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Something Pretty for the Eyes

September 22, 2011

Finally – something not San Francisco and not food even!  These pictures were from quite a few weeks ago when I took a sugar flower decorating class at Sugar Flower Cake Shop by Amy DeGiulio.  Amy’s workshop was in a pretty non-descript building in the Garment District but inside was a different garden world, filled with so many cakes big and small with delicate colorful life-like flowers.  Amy personally taught the class and was extremely patient and after two hours, I wish I can say that I now know how to decorate an entire cake with ease but the truth is far from it.  Who knew that it took so many steps and little tiny pieces to make one single flower?

The supplies:

Making a flower one petal at a time:

Look at how detailed each petal is! The ripples and groves in the petals are so life-like.

In addition to this beautiful flower here, we were also give supplies to make an orchid flower and a butterfly.  Next came the edible paint and brushes, turning the pristine petals into canvases.  Each of us were given a 4 inch cake and a piping bag full of icing to make a free form organic flower basket.  Let me tell you, harder than it sounds!

And finally, here are a few shots of my finished cake.  The great thing about these sugar flowers and butterfly is that they can be saved and used later so don’t be surprised if you see them again in a future creation!

Sugar Flower Cake Shop | 336 West 37th Street, Suite 950, New York, NY 10018 |

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