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Those Delta Airline Cookies

July 16, 2011

I have a score to settle with Delta Airlines.  My last encounter with them ended with me chucking two bottles of wine because of their ridiculous fine print rules for checking-in.  By protesting Delta, the only thing that I miss are the Biscoff cookies.  You all know what I am talking about.: that crunchy and crumbly butter spiced cookie with hints of ginger and cinnamon.  I would sometimes even ask for 2 packs when the little carts roll by the aisles to save for later.

However, I will no longer be deprived!  I was doing my usual walk around in the Garden of Eden Market after gym on Wednesday when I came upon these:

Biscoff Cookies

Now, I can carry on with my quiet protest of Delta Airlines while still having access to one of my favorite tea cookies.

Garden of Eden | 162 West 23rd Street, New York, NY |

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  1. July 18, 2011 10.09 am

    Oh. My. Goodness. When I was abroad, I would go into cafes and order coffees just for the free cookies, which are pretty much the same thing as these. This is wonderfully dangerous news!

  2. Nicole permalink
    August 23, 2012 1.58 pm

    I fuckin LOVE those cookies man. and the rice pudding from le pain. great tongues taste alike

  3. Biscoff buff permalink
    June 14, 2013 12.05 pm

    My post may go unnoticed because of the time lapse. But I want to let you know these Biscoff cookies are available in Walgreens, – in IL. Try in your areas

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