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Rediscovering Sunday Brunch at Osteria Morini

July 6, 2012

Funny how our minds sometimes overemphasize certain experiences but completely and unfairly discount others.  And recently, I found Osteria Morini one such underappreciated brunch experiences that was unjustly written off in my memory.

Another excellent restaurant in one of many Michael White creations, Osteria Morini is the downtown sibling located on Lafayette in Soho.  The neighborhood is always bustling but when you step into the restaurant, you are transported into a quiet Italian country side spot.  The deep belly of the restaurant is perfect for dinner or cold weather dining but when it’s summer out, you will want to perch on a seat at the marble bar in the front so you can enjoy the sun.

A cup of frothy latte and cheese plate to kick off the brunch.  Those almonds and sticky chewy figs and apricots are perfect paired with the house made bread chips and the salty cheeses.  Not in the mood for cheese?  The menu also includes a freshly whipped ricotta that is light and airy as well as ample selections of prosciutto and speck and and crostinis to share.

The main courses at Osteria Morini comprise of a number of brunch classics done with an Italian twist including a beautiful baked eggs with bubbly cheese and stewed tomatoes.  Another great example is this particular take on the eggs Florentine.  Instead of English muffins, three beautifully poached eggs and sauteed greens sat atop of these mini Italian flat breads.

The sausage hash special on Sunday is served in a creamy sauce with fresh peas, herbs and grilled asparagus.  Without potatoes, this hash served with buttery toasts is just filling without being dense.  Use the toast to sop up every last bit of creamy sauce left on the plate, it will be worth every bite.

If eggs aren’t striking the right notes a particular morning, Osteria Morini also offers up a selection of their amazing pasta dishes for brunch.  The portions are just right for day time meals and the cappelletti stuffed with truffle ricotta and topped with prosciutto is the mac n’ cheese from childhood dinners all grown up.

Because you already have had an appetizer and entree, why not share a dessert to round out the brunch.  The white chocolate semifreddo topped with grapefruit segments is light and refreshing for a hot summer day.  The sweetness from the white chocolate was just light enough to balance tart and slightly bitter grapefruits.

Linger at the bar with a few more sips of either coffee or a mimosa and you will be ready to face the summer days again.  Or maybe not. But regardless, you will be happy with the decision to stop by for brunch here.

Osteria Morini  | 218 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012 |

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