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Welcome Back From The Cleanse: The Burger Garage

June 25, 2012

I am saying it here:  second, and probably last, time I will be doing a juice cleanse.  Of all things I couldn’t eat, I dreamt the entire time about a cheeseburger.  So a cheeseburger is what I had on Friday night at The Burger Garage in Long Island City.

Arnold Palmers with hand cut fries and fried onions to start.  What’s not to love about crispy and crunchy?

A wedge of iceberg topped with sprinkles of bacon.  No blue cheese dressing and Italian just didn’t quite do the trick but the bacon stepped in and saved the day.

Now, this was what I was craving:  a juicy double cheeseburger with sharp cheddar and everything piled on.  And yes, I went with a whole wheat bun just so my three days of juice cleanse didn’t go to waste completely.

And lastly, a root beer float to split.  Hey, still have to watch the figure!

The Burger Garage | 25-36 Jackson Avenue  Long Island City, NY 11101 |

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