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Mixing Something New with the Old: Brunch at Morandi

April 2, 2012

Like I had written before, for me there are a few things better than brunch on the sidewalk at Morandi on a warm weekend day.  Despite my silent prayers, the weather was just too nippy for outdoor brunch in March so we had to settle for a table indoors.  Of all the times I had been to Morandi for brunch, it was my first time dining inside the restaurant.  Any unease/unfamiliarity disappeared as soon as we sat down with a warm cup of coffee in hand and soaked in the bustling warm atmosphere.

Since we are going breaking traditions, why not go all the way and start with a few new items from the menu.

Morandi’s brunch bruschetta, two generous slices of crusty Italian bread topped with creamy soft ricotta, was just what we wanted for a little something sweet with the coffee.  The toasts were sprinkled with chopped pistachio and hazelnuts and a hearty pour of honey for a floral finish.

Thinking outside of the box, we ordered a bowl of fluffy meatballs to share while waiting for our entrees.  The raisins added just a hint of sweetness to the tangy tomato sauce.

The daily special for brunch was a large frittata stuffed with cauliflower, tomatoes and cheese, served with two slices of their chewy bread.

Since we had already strayed enough from the norm, why not bring it back with some good old favorites.  Nothing satisfies more than a slice of the focaccia “occhio di bue” topped with two fried eggs, savory pancetta and pecorino and a hearty bowl of uova in camicia, seasonal with squash and mushrooms.

Brunch at Morandi has never failed me time and time again and this was no exception.   A few new dishes to add some variety and some amazing surprises they turned out to be!  Sometimes, all you need is that little different point of view to give you a completely new perspective on an old favorite.

Morandi | 211 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014 |

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