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My Paris Bites: Clamato

June 29, 2018

What do you do when you have been repeatedly boxed out of one of the most sought after restaurants in Paris?  Keep trying of course.  But one can only withstand so much rejection before waving the white flag.  So there we were, passing by the windows of Septieme wistfully with yearning but like any good foodie, we already have a backup in mind, the casual seafood oriented sibling called Clamato. 

We arrived well before Clamato even opened for the night out of fear of not being able to secure a table.  That’s what rejection does to you!  Luckily, Septieme La Cave was just around the corner.  A wonderful place for a drink and even a nibble all on its own, it was perfect while we waited for a table.

The seasonal menu at Clamato was full of delicious treasures from the sea.  We started off the meal with some delicious fresh French oysters, complete with crusty sourdough and seaweed speckled Bordier butter.  A no-brainer.

Absolutely unbelievably decadent bites of deviled eggs topped with generous dollops of caviar had us all moaning with delight.  The egg yolks had been whipped into airy submission and the savory caviar was just the right cherry on top.

A few slices of refreshing sweet sea trout and a small tart piled high with savory unctuous medley of mushrooms to tide us over until the main courses arrive.

A beautifully roasted branzino stuffed with herbs and served whole, head and tail and all.  We eagerly lifted the skin to reveal the tender sweet meat below, in its purest form with just the right amount of flavor imparted from the herbs and lemon.

As we were digging into the branzino, our final savory dish of the night arrived and made us forget temporarily about the delicious fish.  Each sea scallop was tied with a delicate string and presented like gifts from the sea.  When opened, a savory steam escaped and hit our noses right away.  What a delightful mixture of scallops, bacon, butter and green scallions!  The sweetness of the tender scallops was balanced by the smoky bacon and the rich butter melted to create a wonderful sauce that I couldn’t resist sopping up every last bit with bread.

Even though we were all stuffed, I couldn’t resist taking a look at the dessert menu and the maple syrup tart immediately caught my eye.  Luckily my dining mates were easily swayed and I was happy as a clam when the tart landed.  Just the right amount of sweetness to end our delightful meal at Clamato.

Clamato | 80 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France

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