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Omakase at Sushi Zo

December 26, 2017

Omakase at Sushi Zo, a LA import just south of Washington Square Park, is a quiet and tranquil retreat.

It starts off with a beautiful plate of sashimi of tuna, striped bass, abalone, Kumamot oysters, and Japanese sea bas.

Then comes a piece of halibut from Long Island with ginger..

and a Spanish mackerel…

… then sweet plump Hokkadio scallops…

… followed by medium fatty toro with a touch of soy.

Uni is always a favorite, especially if it’s Hokkaido.

Shishito pepper adds a nice kick to the red snapper…

A few more pieces of beautiful sashimi of sea perch and amber jack and seared toro…

The parade of fish is interrupted briefly by an intermission of soy cured ikura and chawamushi studded with scallops and crab.

The parade of sashimi continues with skip jack, baracuda, and sweet shrimp from Santa Barbara.

A rather unusual piece of protein takes form in a beautiful seared waygu beef..

Two more final pieces, cherry trout and sea eel before

A tuna hand roll marks the end of the beautiful parade of fish…

Before we move onto the tamago, a small bowl of red miso as a palette cleanser…

And finally, a refreshing citrus sorbet to end the meal.

Sushi Zo | 88 West 3rd Street, New York, NY 10012 |

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