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Maison Premiere’s Secret Garden Brunch

December 4, 2016

The garden at Maison Premiere is like a little secret hide away with its canopy and whimsical garden furniture.


It’s absolutely perfect on a fall afternoon for brunch, starting off with a cocktail or two.  One of the best is the fully loaded Bloody Caesars with fish stock.


The spicy cocktail is best accompanied with a beautiful tray of plump oysters and clams…


And a little seared scallop with beets and cream.


And finally onto the entrees.  Two poached eggs with gently poached oysters on a bed of tender leeks and potatoes are served with crusty French bread.  The creamy egg yolks bursts as soon as you cut into it, enrobbing the barely cooked oysters and little jewels of trout roe.


Another delicate choice that is a bit lighter is the absinth cured gravlax.  Served with trout roe and potato latkes, these translucent colored salty bites of fish are a sophisticated version of the typical New York brunch of bagel and lox.



Linger over the delicious drinks in the secluded garden while soaking up the rays of sunshine.  No better way to spend the afternoon catching up with a friend.

Maison Premiere | 298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 |

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