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My Italy Bites: Venetian Delights

October 11, 2016

Last minute change at the end of our Italian adventure led us east.  All the way east to Venice.

We started our impromptu day trip by stumbling into Hostaria Vecio Biavarol just a turn away from the train station.  Cappuccino for both of us to perk ourselves up in order to explore the city.


The cute little wine bar featured little nibbles and we couldn’t resist a few bites.  No reason why prosciutto and salami can’t be breakfast right?



From there, we meandered leisurely through the windy streets of Venice for the next few hours.  Luckily, most of our walks took us away from the tourist traps but instead through some quiet neighborhoods where we found cheap wine shops and local artist galleries.  We didn’t meander aimlessly though.  I was determined to find our way to La Palanca, a small eateries a ferry ride away.


Even though we had shown up past lunch time, there was still a line waiting to be seated at the popular restaurant.  We contemplated sacrificing the view for the sake of our stomachs but luckily, we persevered and were treated with this amazing waterside seat.


We started lunch with a mixed seafood platter.  Filled with vinegary filet of sardines and anchovies, rich white fish salad and swordfish carpaccio so thin that it was translucent, I could have devoured another plate of these delicacies.




We followed it up by sharing the cuttle fish special cooked in squid ink.  Served with crispy squares of polenta, these might not look like the most beautiful photogenic dish but it was a winner with us as we mopped up every last bit of the sauce with bread.


Even though we had one less day in Milan than previously planned, this trip to beautiful Venice was just what we needed.  Otherwise, we would have missed out on the charming streets of Venice and the fantastic meal seaside.

Hostaria Vecio Biavarol | Fondamenta dei Tolentini, 225, Venezia, Italy

La Palanca Giudecca, 448, 30133 Venice, Italy

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