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My London/Cambridge Bites: Bone Daddies, The Eagle and Tayyabs

July 31, 2016

With only 4 short days in London, we had a lot of ground to cover.  One of the stops included slurping up some delicious rich ramen noodles at Bone Daddies late Sunday night.

We were there for the ramen on that rainy damp day but the sweet and spicy pork bones were just calling our names.  We couldn’t resist so we placed an order to gnaw on while we waited on our noodles.


Then came the pipping bowls of ramen, tantanmen and tonkotsu, just as good as any of the best in New York.  We were happily slurping up the rich broth, glad to have popped by the shop in Soho just as they were getting ready to close for the night.



Our culinary journey took us next to the town of Cambridge where we stopped by The Eagle for a blast from the past.  From the decor to the classic menu, it does seem like more has changed in this classic pub where scientists announced the discovery of the DNA.

One hearty steak and ale pie to start…



And a plate of salt beef, gherkin and mustard with a bagel…


And finally, ended the throwback lunch with a classic, sticky toffee and date pudding with clotted cream.  How much more British can you get?



We ended our last meal in London with a trip to East London’s famous Tayyabs.  The rather large and chaotic restaurant was filled large groups enjoying platters of grilled meats and other delicious Indian/Pakistani dishes.

We started off with a few samosas…


and paneer tikka…


and of course, an order of their famous lamb chops, sizzling and grilled to perfection.


What followed were a flurry of main dishes to share, including chickpea, lentil and eggplant curries…




and I almost never leave South Asian restaurants without getting myself a plate of mutton tikki masala.  One of my favorite types of meat, these were cooked tender in a spicy tomato based sauce, perfect over rice or with naan.  A very strong note to end our British adventures on before we hop and skip across the channel to Italy.


Bone Daddies | Various Locations |

The Eagle | Benet Street, Cambridge, UK |

Tayyabs | 83-89 Fieldgate Street, London, UK E1 1JU |

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