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My London Bites: Saturday Mornings at Maltby Market

July 18, 2016

This is possibly the most tardy I have ever been on a post but better late than never or so I keep telling myself.  That is precisely how I found myself looking through photos from our London trip nearly a year ago.  I vowed to not let this slowly bleed over the one year mark so here goes nothing.

We spent one cloudy dreary raining Saturday morning exploring Maltby Market right off the Tower Bridge.  Nestled in a narrow alley way, the market features a myriad vendors of all types of little nibbles and bibbles.


We peeked into the antique shops and after realizing that we couldn’t actually buy anything substantial to take back to the States with us, we settled down to properly explore the various food stalls which ranged from scotch eggs…


… to skilled baristas pulling a beautiful cup of latte to…


…a beautiful leg of cured ham on display.


We were drawn in by the grilled cheese chefs and the punchy flavors they offered so one Stilton and pear grilled cheese to accompany our scotch egg please!




And a lovely gin bloody Mary from Little Bird completes our brunch at Maltby Market.



Maltby Street Market | Ropewalk, London SE1 3PA, United Kingdom |

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