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My Philly Bites: Federal Donuts

January 1, 2015

We started off Saturday morning nice and early.  To make ourselves feel a little healthier before a full day of gorging, we grabbed two honey crisp apples as we passed by the farmer’s market in the park.  We barely had time to finish the apples when we arrived at Federal Donuts Rittenhouse, the first stop of the day.


We arrived so early in the morning that they were still prepping for the day, diligently hand dipping the fancy donuts in a dark chocolate and sprinkling shredded coconuts on top of each.  Even though early mornings meant that the donuts would be fresh as can be, that did mean that we would not be able to order some of Federal Donuts’ famous fried chicken at the same time (these are only served after 11AM).


It doesn’t matter though, the fresh donuts here alone are worthwhile on their own.  Each location of Federal Donuts features a different selection of the fresh donuts.  Fresh out of the fryer, the donuts are dipped in flavored sugar and spices and were still warm to the touch when they landed in front of us.  The vanilla spice was an obvious choice but the strawberry lavender took a little bit of guts.   You see, I fear that unfortunate soap like taste that lavender can sometimes have.  Luckily, the strawberry brought out a more fruity flavor in the lavender, making a delightful combination.  The donuts themselves were light and airy, just the right amount of sweetness.



We couldn’t resist also trying one of the fancy donuts so the chocolate coconut it was!


Lucky for us, there are numerous locations of Federal Donuts through Philadelphia and there was one conveniently on campus at Penn, where we spent Sunday morning.  Tired from walking around, I insisted that we stop by and rest our feet and of course, sample a few more flavors.  Two fresh donuts, one dusted in chocolate espresso and the other gold old cinnamon sugar – just what I needed.



And what do you know?  It was only five minutes to 11AM and this meant that they would be soon selling some of their delectable fried chicken along with the donuts!  Fried chicken here come in a variety of sauces and coatings, which also varies from location to location.  I insisted that we linger a few more minutes in order to score a basket of fried chicken wings, dusted in za’tar.  The basket of wings came with a plain donut, a convenient and delicious riff on the chicken n’waffle concept.  Donuts, wings and coffee – now this was a brunch I could get used to.


Federal Donuts | Various Locations

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