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Pork Buns and Uni Galore at Totto Ramen

December 27, 2014

Unlike the original Totto Ramen, the second location of my favorite ramen shop is no longer tiny and cramped.  Instead, the 51st street location was almost 4 times the size and thus the line inversely much more manageable.  For a last minute Sunday night dinner, this was kind of the logical choice despite it’s Tenth avenue location.

Even though I will even admit that the pork buns at Totto don’t quite measure up to their counterparts at Ippudo or Momofuku, we still couldn’t resist a few to start our meal.



That and a small bowl of torched uni over rice made for the perfect appetizers.


It must be uni season because the ramen special was a lovely bowl of chilled ramen topped with plump uni lobes.  Topped with a variety of wakame and thinly sliced onions, the chilled noodles were dressed with a creamy light tofu based sauce.  Refreshing and light, this satisfied my craving for a dinner that wouldn’t weigh me down.


Of course, dinner at Totto wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of their chicken paitan ramen.  One topped with avocado slices and chicken while the other one was piled high with two types of pork, belly and shoulder.  A side of hot sauce was a must as well to add a little heat to the smooth rich broth.






No wait for a filling and delicious dinner of uni and pork belly and ramen, this is what dreams are made of.

Totto Ramen | 464 West 51st Street, New York, NY 10019 |

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