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My Seattle Bites: Molly Moon’s and LICK Pure Cream

November 20, 2014

I seem to have acquired quite a taste for ice cream this summer.  I followed up my visits to Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar and Smitten Ice Cream with two native Seattle ice cream shops.  Molly Moon’s in the UVillage was close to home and a perfect place to meet up for an after dinner treat.


Looks like I wasn’t the only one with the same idea!  A short crowd gathered outside the small store front, all waiting patiently for their turn for a scoop or two of Molly Moon’s creamy treat made with local ingredients.




Molly Moon’s menu features a short list of always present flavors that ranged from classics like vanilla and chocolate and strawberry to more creative flavors like honey lavender and Earl Grey.  I can never say no to salted caramel so that was an already foregone conclusion.  And after sampling the honey lavender, I knew I had to add another scoop and in the process making the already generous cone even more gigantic.  However, no complaints here though.  The subtle sweetness of the honey complimented the summery floral lavender, making it a great contrast to the salted caramel’s bold flavor.



Molly Moon’s also rotates seasonal flavors made with ingredients that are only here for a little while, like the summery peach with blondies.



Paired here with huckleberry chocolate chunk, this was kind of an ice cream version of a fruit bowl.  Pretty healthy no?



My second stop to satisfy my ice cream cravings in Seattle was a little shop called LICK Pure Cream.  Located inside the pizza shop ‘Zaw in Capitol Hill, LICK was a bit harder to get to than Molly Moon’s but it was so worth the short trek from the main strip of South Lake Union.


LICK Pure Cream has an unique list of ice cream flavors that are made in small batches, including some that are quite a head-scratcher like MSquared.  There were so many that enticed me that I stood by the counter for a good 10 minutes letting my eyes process the menu.


Luckily, the proprietor of LICK Pure Cream Michael Avery was extremely patient and multi-tasked while answering my many questions and tending the ovens for ‘Zaw during lunch hour.  He was happy to describe all of his unique and creative flavors in details.  After sampling more than just a few, I finally made up my mind and chose two of the most inventive flavors on the menu, blueberry chai and MSquared.  With the addition of chai, the blueberry ice cream was elevated beyond a typical fruit ice cream with more depth.   What was even more delicious was the MSquared, a flavor that was described by Michael as a combination of almond rocca, creme brulee and caramel.  Sure these flavors all sound similar but when I took a bite of the creamy MSquared, I could taste all three flavors separately as well as that beautiful combination that is known as MSquared.


There really isn’t anything like ice cream on a hot summer day, is there?  Especially not when they are as delicious and memorable as some of these concoctions being churned out by artisans in Seattle.

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream | 2615 NE 46th Street, Seattle, WA, 98105 |

LICK Pure Cream | 434 Yale Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 |

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  1. December 26, 2014 11.07 pm

    Sounds yummy! Will need to add to my Seattle list.

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