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Vive La Chez Sardine!

July 26, 2014

Or maybe not…  Chez Sardine officially closed its doors after almost two years in the West Village and reinvented itself as Bar Sardine this past Thursday.    Faced with a future without the delectable pork and unagi hand rolls or the savory breakfast pancakes or the maple miso glazed salmon head, we celebrated Chez Sardine with one more meal and went out with a bang.  So in memorandum, dishes from our last meal at Chez Sardine.  

Daikon radishes with bonito flakes…


Pork and unagi handrolls…



Artic char with eggplant and carrots…



Crispy baby octopus with ham and pineapple…



Breakfast pancakes with smoked salmon and ikura…



Maple miso glazed salmon head…



Clay pot ramen with coconut and chicken..




Cheese burger okonomiyaki with kimchi and bonito…



Greek yogurt soft serve with cheerios.


Vive la Chez Sardine indeed.


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  1. mike permalink
    July 28, 2014 7.18 pm

    the ramen looks delicious 🙂

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