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Where Chicken is King: Rotisserie Georgette

June 4, 2014

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that chicken is the dish to order when dining at Rotisserie Georgette, a newcomer to Midtown east, given the name.  Walking in, I noticed that Rotisserie Georgette projects a decidedly different feel than its neighbor, another favorite spot, Rouge Tomate, despite the similar soaring ceilings and floor to ceiling windows.  Most nights and some days, you will find Georgette Farkas there to greet the guests, made up of mostly after work business patrons and a distinctly Upper East crowd.  She walks around with a purpose and elegance that is reflected in the ambiance.  Despite the comfortable dining room, I loved grabbing a seat at the large bar at the front of the restaurant where the bartenders are busy churning out classic cocktails and pouring glasses of wine from a rather international list.


Even though the chicken is the main attraction here, there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit to nibble on.  A delicate slice of the foie gras dacquoise that’s smoother and lighter than butter is served with a tart rhubarb chutney and topped with a sprinkle of candied pistachios.



For something a little healthier, the roasted leeks is a great choice.  The grilled red onion vinaigrette imparts a sweet and caramel flavor, a great contrast to the thin slices of duck prosciutto.


Despite how delicious the appetizers are, you should listen to your server and definitely save room for the roast chicken.  The half chicken can be served with three types of sauces, including a classic provencal, a spicy diable and a grande mere, a red wine reduction studded with mushrooms and bacon.  There isn’t much that can top a perfectly cooked chicken and the one at Rotisserie Georgette comes very close to that perfection.  While with most roast chicken, the skin is my favorite part but the juicy flavorful meat of the poulet roti puts up a good show.  Alas, you can’t fight true love.   The crisp skin is perfectly seasoned and shatters as soon as your fork pierces through, no hint of greasiness at all.


When ordered at lunch, the chicken is served with a generous pile of pommes frites and a side salad.  For dinner, the chicken arrives solo so a few orders of the sides is necessary and highly recommended.  Whatever you do, the rotisserie potatoes must be involved.  One bite and you can just tell that the creamy tender pieces have spent their sweet time roasting in some fabulous chicken drippings, soaking up every delicious note.





Other notable sides include a serving of slow roasted carrots with the most delicious caramelized end bits and a bright minty bowl of buttered spring peas.  For a heartier side, the farro and arugula is a must have.  There is nothing healthy about these nutty bits but they go so well with the roast chicken that you will not regret it.

Of my recent three trips there, I have never made it to the dessert portion of the meal.  The portions here are generous and dishes have been so delicious that I can’t stop myself from sneaking in just one more piece of the roasted potatoes despite knowing that I have already reached beyond my limit.  It’s sometimes so hard to turn off that greedy little voice inside.

Rotisserie Georgette | 14 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022 |


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