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Heart Warming Noodles in Cold Weather: Soba at Cocoron

February 9, 2014

What a winter we have had so far!  One good thing that has come out of the frigid weather outside is that we have another reason to visit Corocon on the edge of Chinatown.  The new space is much bigger than their old minuscule location a few blocks away but it’s still just as packed on a cold weekday night.

We start the meal with toasted soba tea…


And a slice of mochi daikon cake topped with shaved daikon.  Seared lightly on both sides, these reminded me of a chewier version of the delicious daikon cake dim sums.


And of course, every meal here has to include a bite of the silky homemade tofu with all the fixings, a house specialty.


JL ordered the spicy dip soba while I opted for a bowl of the warm stamina soba.  I loved the subtle fragrant yuzu flavor from my broth but really appreciated the bite that the cold soba still retained when dipped into the bubbling hot broth.  The spice was a little too much for JL so I selfishly swapped bowls with her.



To cool off our mouths, we ended the meal with a small bowl of frozen bananas and tapioca dessert.  The dessert was topped with frosted frozen berries and a healthy drizzle of coconut milk.  This is so light and delicious that it almost feels healthy, not like a dessert at all.  It is only a weekday after all so we can’t go too crazy!


Cocoron Soba | 37 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012 |

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  1. March 18, 2016 1.28 pm

    Dear Yijia,

    This is Junki who is working at cocoron (Soba Noodle Restaurant in Little Italy).
    Thank you for featuring our restaurant on your website! We’re so appreciate to you.

    And about your article, I was wondering if you could fix our information because we’ve renewed our website. I think your mag has been providing a good influence with foodies and it will help us keep running. We would be happy that you rewrite it.

    New website

    Hope to come by and enjoy our dishes again. We’ve made new menus.

    Best regards,

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