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Homemade Lamb Potstickers

December 30, 2013

We were staring at a few pounds of ground lamb and some fresh dill from our garden, not sure quite what to do.  Potstickers, of course!  The idea was so simple and literally staring at us in the face.  It only required a little bit of effort but the results are oh so rewarding.



A few chops and a few turns with a spatula and a lamb and dill filling was ready!



Since we were already making one, why not make two fillings?  The second one was a little more traditional: finely minced sweet onions with lamb.



While the filling marinated for a while, we started on the dough.  Dumpling dough made fresh at home definitely requires a little more work but is so much more delicious.


With fresh wrapper being churned out on one side of the kitchen, we started to assemble the dumplings on the other side.  One at a time until we finally finished all of the filling.

Untitled Export45


There is nothing better than fresh dumplings so we immediately heated up a pan to fry up some potstickers.


They were so big that we can only fit a few in one batch at once.  High heat at first to brown the bottoms and then a spritz of water to steam the dumplings until the skin becomes almost translucent and you can start to see the outline of the filling.


Finally, these golden brown lamb potstickers were ready to be enjoyed with spicy black vinegar dipping sauce.  A great afternoon snack for the winter!


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