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My China Bites: Breakfasts in China

December 29, 2013

Breakfast in China is an entirely different affair than here.  No cereal or toast  in sight.  The day usually starts with a trip to the market to grocery shop and then a stop on the way back to pick up some freshly fried crullers (you tiao).


The neighborhood fried cruller stall sets up the station every day rain or shine and there’s always a short line.  The dough is made fresh and is fried up fresh as you make your way up to the stall.




A few turns in the deep fryer where you are more than welcomed to help the process along…




And a few presses with the spatula to release any hot air that might be trapped inside, they are ready to be consumed curbside…



Or taken home and wrapped up in a sweet pancake.  That’s right, a very filling breakfast of carb on carb.



For something sweet, the local bakery also sells either fried sesame filled mochi balls..


Or some delicately made rice cakes with all sorts of delicious fillings made fresh daily.



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