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My Berlin Bites: International Foods of Berlin

December 28, 2013

No schnitzels or bratwursts for us in Berlin.  Instead, we went with some local recommendations and tried a pretty wide variety of international cuisines (including American BBQ at Big Stuff

Our first meal in Berlin was lunch at Hasir.  This Turkish restaurant has a lot of locations all over town and was completely empty when we arrived in the afternoon.  Lunch here is pretty simple – we started with a salad and bread as well as a Turkish yogurt.


For entree, we followed it up with grilled lamb skewers for RJ and lamb meatballs for me.  The dishes were flavorful and filling, a pretty good deal too for the wallet.  To finish the meal, a cup of strong Turkish coffee for the jet lag.





Before I came to Berlin, I had no idea that the city boosts such a large Vietnamese population.  We came to Monsieur Vuong for an affordable dinner.  The restaurant is located in a pretty young neighborhood filled with bars and restaurants.  The modern Vietnamese spot had groups spilling out onto the streets as a testimony of its popularity.  We started the meal with a fresh mango and coconut smoothie.



As well as a fresh rotisserie duck summer roll.



A gigantic bowl of fragrant pho for us each to slurp down… it’s funny how a bowl of noodles can really bring you home even when thousands of miles away.




Hasir | Various Locations |

Monsieur Vuong | Alte Schönhauser Str. 46 10119 Berlin, Germany |

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