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My Berlin Bites: Breakfast at Liebling

December 28, 2013

We spent our last day in Berlin exploring the Mauerpark Flea market.  Before we hit the Sunday market, we stopped for breakfast at Cafe Liebling, a cute little cafe in the beautifully preserved Prenzlauer Berg.  It was already late morning but the neighborhood was still quite sleepy and so was the neighborhood cafe.





We tucked in at a table near the window and started off with the necessary cup of latte after a night out.


The menu was as cute as the rest of the place, filled with drawings.  This didn’t help much though with ordering off a pretty much entirely German menu.  We resorted to sheepishly Googling pretty much half of the menu as discreetly as we can on the Blackberry.


After all that effort debating and researching, we all ended up with something off our neighbor’s table, a pretzel bun with a sharp cheese, cucumber and parsley.  The simple sandwich was simple yet elegant, the sharp cheese contrasted well with the cooling crisp cucumber slices and the fragrant parsley and cracked black pepper.  And of course, no breakfast is complete for me without an egg, a soft boiled little thing eaten simply with salt and pepper and a little tiny spoon.




I adored the simplicity of our breakfast at Cafe Liebling.  There’s something so elegant about how amazing a few fresh ingredients can taste.  A few bites in, I already feel perfectly at home in my seat near the window at this neighborhood spot, sipping on my latte.  A wonderfully healthy start to our last day.



Cafe Liebling | Raumerstraße 36, Ecke Duncker Straße, 10437 Berlin, Germany |

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