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Food 365 | Day 359 – 361: Catching Up

December 27, 2013

Day 359: Stewed Pork Belly.  Christmas dinner at my house includes a plate of this delicious pork belly.  Stewed in sugar and soy sauce, the caramelized pieces practically melt when you bite down.  It’s hard to not eat an entire bowl.



Day 360: Duck Stew.  The pressure cooker comes in handy when making stews and soups.  We used to make a big pot of duck stew with ham, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms of all sorts.  Only a short while in the pressure cooker and everything is already practically falling off the bones.



Day 361: Kreuz Market’s Hill Country BBQ.  They really don’t kid around when it comes to BBQ in Texas.  I have always been a bigger fan of the Texas style BBQ so no sauce?  No problem with me!


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