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Food 365 | Day 351 – 358: Catching Up

December 24, 2013

Day 351: Endless Cookies for the Holidays.  For the holiday party on Wednesday, I whipped two batches of the Milk Bar cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies.  I might or might not have had an entire one by myself before packaging the rest of them away before being tempted even more.


Day 352:  Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken.  [This time, human error (meaning my own) left the picture from Wednesday behind in New York.  This will be remedied in the new year…]  For our holiday party, we turned to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken to supply us with some finger licking goodness.  Of the three different varieties, I loved the spicy pungent flavor of the buffalo chicken but also the sweet smoky flavor of the BBQ chicken.  Oh which one to chose…

Day 353: Earth Bowl at Sweet Green.  After all that fried chicken on Wednesday night, I needed a little bit of cleansing.  Naturally, I turned to Sweet Green for some light fare for dinner.  The spicy broccoli and the sweet corn studded warm grain bowl was just what my body needed.


Day 354: Christmas Lunch at Marea.  This has become quite a delicious holiday tradition.  Lunch at Marea starts with their fluffy olive focaccia and then followed by the polpi with smoked potatoes.  Of course, the highlight of the meal is the pasta with crab, uni, and basil in a light tomato sauce.  This year, shorter strands of strozzapreti replaced the usual house made spaghetti.  Both are delicious vehicles for the heavenly sauce.


Day 355: Chocolate Eclair at Eclair Cafe.  After one last rigorous spin class for the year, AM and I met up with AR for some well deserved refueling at Eclair Cafe in Midtown East.  None of us have much self control so we ordered pretty much half of the menu.  The classic chocolate eclair filled with light chocolate cream was one of my favorite.  Perfect with a cup of English breakfast tea.


Day 356:  Cafe Grumpy.  One last cup of latte at Cafe Grumpy for the year.  I managed to sneak in one more while running errands before my flight for a little caffeine boost.  The eggnog macaron just added to the festive holiday feel.


Day 357:  Tea Time.  I love being on vacation.  Vacation means sleeping in and also time for tea.  And by tea, I mean properly sitting down and enjoying a cup or two.  My mom brought some fragrant black tea from China.  No milk or sugar needed with this rich and full bodied tea.


Day 358:  Hoogerwaard Gouda from the Netherlands.  This wheel flew all the way from the Netherlands to New York and then made its way to Texas.  The cheese from Hoogerwaard farm is about 10 weeks old and not too sharp in taste yet.  We broke open the dense wheel for an afternoon snack with tea – delicious.



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