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Food 365 | Day 341 – 344: Catching Up

December 10, 2013

Day 341: Pop Rock Praline Truffles.  I am like a big kid sometimes and get excited about the simplest things.  One of them?  Pop rocks!  So when I saw praline truffles made with pop rocks at Cafe Grumpy, I couldn’t help myself but snatch two to enjoy with my latte.



Day 342:  Earl Grey and Madeleines at Tea Spot.  We ended the weekend on a snowy note.  It was the perfect weather to settle in a cozy seat at Tea Spot with a mug of earl grey and enjoy a few sweets with the tea.



Day 343: Chicken Kielbasa Stew and Homemade Baguette.  I recently discovered the chicken Kielbasa stew at West Side Market.  The premade soup is great reheated and even better enjoyed with a piece of crusty homemade baguette.



Day 344: La Michocana’s Walnut Paleta.  Another amazing recent grocery store discovery is La Michocana’s walnut paleta.  The creamy addicting popiscle is studded with nutty walnut pieces.  Because it’s a paleta, the bar itself is very light and milky.   I will definitely be stocking my freezer with more than a few of these.


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