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Food 365 | Day 337 – 340: Catching Up

December 7, 2013

Day 337: Donna Bell’s Lemon Bar.  MP’s back for the week and we went on one of our walks.  Of course, we couldn’t do without something sweet.



Day 338: Takeout from Westville.  Just like old times, MP and KT stopped by for dinner and we ordered takeout from Westville even though it was only 2 blocks away.  I went with an old favorite, watercress and arugula salad with candied pecan and grilled salmon.  To balance the healthy salad, I stole more than my fair share of fries from MP’s plate.



Day 339: Harmless Harvest’s Cinnamon & Cloves Coconut Water.  I love Harmless Harvest’s coconut water – it is by far the best packaged brand.  When they unveiled the limited edition of the cinnamon and cloves coconut water at Whole Foods, I was excited but a little apprehensive too.  One sip and any doubts were gone.  The sweetness of the coconut water underlined the festive flavors of cinnamon and cloves – so appropriate for the season.



Day 340: Laduree’s Macarons.  A box of Laduree’s classic macaron flavors makes for the classiest party favors.  It goes without saying that these did not last very long in my hands.


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