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Food 365 | Day 323 – 325: Toronto Edition

November 23, 2013

Day 323: Dinner at Buca in Toronto.  An Italian restaurant set in a former boiler room, Buca was a beautiful space with inspiring dishes.  Just look at this double stuffed ravioli with braised goose and foie gras, sinfully rich and delicious.



Day 324: Breakfast at Cafe Boulud at the Four Seasons.  I kept breakfast light after a rather decadent meal the night before at Buca.  The breakfast tartine is topped with a light farmer’s cheese, tart rhubarb jam and fresh fruit.  Of course, I need my soft boiled egg to get the morning off to the right foot.



Day 325: Nanaimo Bar.  I normally skip all the desserts at Starbucks but the nanaimo bars at the Toronto Starbucks caught my eye.  Out in time for the holiday season, this Canadian dessert isn’t quite as good as home made versions but the layers of wafer crust, the butter icing and chocolate ganache still made a good accompaniment to the morning coffee.


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