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Food 365 | Day 319 – 321: Weekend Edition

November 17, 2013

Day 319:  The triple X at Tanoshi.  Maine uni roe, quail yolk and a dollop of mirin, soy and honey marinated ikura, another beautiful rendition of the egg on egg on egg.



Day 320: Maranello at Osteria Morini.  Osteria Morini’s version of eggs Benedict was rich and filling – perfect ratio of egg to spinach, cotechino (Italian sausage) and sauce.



Day 321: Pomegranate Season.  I have been so busy with work and travel that I almost forgot about why fall is my favorite season – Pomegranates!  Ruby red and still bordering on tart, I can’t help but pop them one kernel at a time in rapid succession.


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