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Food 365 | Day 232: My First Salty Pimp

August 22, 2013

[So after 231 days of this project, there was a technical mishap, the first one.  The picture needs to be rescued from the internal memory of my camera but without the proper USB cable, it might be a few days before it sees the light of day.  But I promise that a picture was taken on Tuesday and until then, I will use the text as a placeholder.]

It was my first salty pimp from Big Gay Ice Cream and I am a little ashamed to admit that it has taken me this long.  For anyone who even remotely loves salty and sweet, this is the cone for you.  The soft serve is light and airy but melts unbelievably fast – I guess it’s a good thing that this was so addicting that I couldn’t really even come up for air.

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