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Food 365 | Day 218 – 223: Catch-up Part 1

August 18, 2013

This might have been the longest I have gone without updating the Food 365 – it’s quite embarrassing so I will try to make this quick.  Part 1 is more or less a snap shot of my five day long trip to Berlin.

Day 218: On our way to Germany, so of course, a glass of Heineken at the United Lounge while we waited to take off east bound.



Day 219:  Early dinner at Noto – by European standards anyways.  A full day of sightseeing plus mild jet lag made us ready for bed pretty early that night.  But we still had time and room in our stomachs for some BBQ veal ribs and veal tartar.


Day 220: A stop by Rogaski.  We had a late breakfast that day so lunch became a late afternoon snack at Rogaski, an old fashion Berlin deli.  And by snack, I mean a plate of fried fish filet with some incredibly delicious German style potato salad.



Day 221: Rittersport’s Make-your-own candy bar.  I am slightly ashamed to say that this might have been one of the highlights of the trip.  I loved the Rittersport flagship store and went a little crazy with the chocolates there, including the make-your-own chocolate bar.  Is this how tourists must feel visiting the M&M or Hershey store in Time’s Square?



Day 222: Afternoon of shopping at Kadewe.  We spent the afternoon hanging out at the Kadewe, Berlin’s equivalent of Bloomingdale’s and Harrod’s.  A little afternoon pick-me-up at the Einstein Kaffe counter so we have more energy to power through the rest of the large department store.




Day 223: German breakfast at Cafe Liebling.  Our last full day in Berlin started with a quiet breakfast at Cafe Liebling in Prenzlauer Berg.  Pretzel rolls with cheese and cucumber slices and a soft boiled egg with milchkaffee gave us enough energy to explore the expansive Mauer park Sunday flea market.




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