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Bohemian Take…

June 25, 2013

I have lost count.  I always pull out Bohemian for those special occasions or any time I want a little peace and quiet from the normal restaurant scene.  It is just as amazing at impressing guests in town with its understated cool kid vibe as it is a wonderfully familiar hang out with old friends.



I started my recent visit here with a Bergamot cocktail – delicious light with a hint of citrus but not too sweet.  Trust me when I say that you have to order a cocktail here – the bartender is extremely talented and makes some of amazing cocktails.



Wagyu beef sashimi is an old favorite.  A sprintz of lemon over the thin slices of rich beef and a quick dip in the garlicky soy sauce, we devoured these within seconds.



The fisherman’s seafood salad was full of all sorts of plump goodness from clams to scallops to sepia and ikura.  This time, it was served with shells in place for a more hands on experience.  The dressing was kept light to let the seafood shine.  





We followed the seafood salad with a bubbling bowl of garlic shrimp and an order of the fried satsuma sweet potatoes.  The crispy yet creamy sweet potatoes were so good that we couldn’t resist placing another order.  



Even though I tend to stick with old favorites at Bohemian, we decided to take a chance with something new by ordering the heritage pork chops with slab of bacon and potato gratin.  We were taken back by the sheer size of the chops that arrived even though I should have known that Bohemian does not kid around when it comes to meats.  Like their steaks, the pork came to the table in a heavy duty cast iron pan.  The chops were served at a medium well done that left the center a light pink, juicy and flavorful.  

And for dessert, we went back to the familiar and finished with an order of Jeni’s caramel homemade ice cream.  There is something so deep and smooth about the flavor of the caramel ice cream that makes it so unforgettable, just like all my meals at Bohemian.  

Bohemian | 57 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012 |

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