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Food 365 | Day 174: Naengmyeon on a Hot Day

June 24, 2013

A steamy hot summer day makes me crave something cooler for dinner.  While I do love smoothies and juices, I can’t sustain on them for real meals.  That’s where naengmyeon comes in.  Thin chewy buckwheat noodles are served in an ice cold broth.  The toppings are spare, only a few paper thin slices of sweet bosc pear, crisp dikons, braised beef and half of a hard boiled egg.  I love adding in a good dash of apple vinegar and spicy mustard to make the noodles even more refreshing.  By the end of it, I am chilled inside out and couldn’t wait to step outside again.  Now that’s a refreshing bowl of noodles.


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