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Easy Fast Bites at Num Pang Flatiron

June 13, 2013

I heard about Num Pang from a coworker a few years back when it was still a tiny little sandwich shop just south of Union Square.  He raved about the sandwiches with such great flavors but I never made it to their original spot for some reason (perhaps because I am not the biggest sandwich enthusiast?).  Fast forward a few years, the Cambodian sandwich shop has now expanded throughout the city as well as its menu offerings.  Lucky for me, the Flatiron location of Num Pang is very close by my apartment and offers many non-sandwich options on the menu.  Seating inside the graffiti filled space is minimalistic so be prepared in case you were looking to linger.  Combined with the fast service, this makes Num Pang a great spot to stop by for a quick bite.


If you are in the mood for salad, the grilled peppcorn catfish or the roasted chicken salad is a refreshing plate.  All salads come with the same base, a mix of romaine, cabbage, bell pepper, sprouts, cilantro and peanuts for nutty crunch.  I loved how tender the catfish was but don’t make the same mistake I did.  I was a little zealous with the dressing and completely underestimated that the catfish was already very well seasoned.



For something a little heartier, you have the choice of either sandwiches or rice bowls.  The grilled market fish rice bowl comes with a medley of roasted vegetables and a yogurt chili mayo with your choice of jasmine or brown rice.  Even though I don’t love mahi mahi (fish of the day on both of my most recent visits), I do adore the variety of the vegetables as well as the chewiness of the brown rice.  Of course, if you are more of a sandwich person, this particular location of Num Pang still offers the many of their classic as well as seasonal selections.  The portions aren’t big but look at how high they piled the pulled pork with spiced honey.  



To supplement the entrees, you can choose from a list of sides that include grilled corn on the cob that comes two to an order.  Slathered with chili mayo and topped with shredded coconuts, these were an awesome take on the Mexican corn on the cob we all love.



For something a little less messy, the Cambodian slaw is quite refreshing.  Be careful though, this little cup packs a huge kick which will make you reach for something to sooth your throat.  This is where their freshly made watermelon juice comes in quite handy.

I love a place that rotates their offerings with seasonal ingredients and Num Pang does a great job.  Sure, the serving sizes might be a little smaller than Chipotle but I am to say that the ingredients here are that much better in quality and healthier.  Now, if only they will open one up in Midtown West so I can frequent Num Pang for lunch at work.

Num Pang Flatiron | 1129 Broadway, New York, NY 10010 |

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