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Food 365 | Day 131: Yuji Ramen at Smorgasburg

May 12, 2013

I have been hammering to try the mazemen at Yuji Ramen ever since reading about their unique noodles.  In lieu of a seat at their pop-up at the Bowery Whole Foods which has been sold out through the end of June, their stand at the Smorgasburg will have to make do.  Mazemen is different than the typical ramen we are more familiar with.  Instead of served with broth, thicker flat noodles are topped with a sauce and flavored oil.    Since it is brunch time, the bacon and egg ramen is the most logical choice.  The chewy noodles are topped with charred smoky bacon, a soft boiled egg, shredded kale and a pecorino shaving.  I slurp this down quickly, breaking up the egg to form a sauce.  This is definitely one of the best West meets East breakfast treats if you ask me.  


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