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One Late Friday Morning at Buvette

April 14, 2013

It seems like whenever I have a weekday off from work, I chose to visit Buvette for breakfast.  There’s something about the sun drenched wine bar during the day that just lures me towards it.  Of course, a plate of their fabulous steamed eggs with prosciutto is also an equal if not bigger draw.


While the bar at Buvette is perfect for the solo diner, I decided to meet up with JL to share the splendid sunny morning that we both had off from work for Good Friday.  It was closer to lunch by the time we met up and the restaurant was a little fuller than I remembered.  No worries though, there were still seats at the bar up for grabs.


We started with lattes and shared a plate of the steamed eggs with prosciutto.  I just love how the flurry of parmigiano reggiano perched delicately on top of the pink prosciutto and light scrambled eggs.  And for some reason, I never get tired of watching them transform the eggs using the espresso steamer.


JL chose the croque forestier, a fancy French take on grilled cheese.  There is nothing that says decadence like bread filled with roasted mushrooms and gruyere and then topped with even more melted cheese.



I was in the mood for something lighter and one particular salad that they were churning out behind the counter caught my eyes.  Buvette’s take on a chicken salad was made with a base of hearty greens like frisee and haricots verts and topped with shredded roast chicken and tender pieces of potatoes.  Finished off with a light mustard vinaigrette, this was just what I was in the mood for that late morning.

After the amazing early lunch, we lingered a bit longer to chat with our next door neighbor.  To our delight, we found out that he was a professional photographer/videographer and commuted between Manhattan and Paris.  We talked about everything from cameras to black and white photography to our loves for Paris and New York.  This really is the best part about living in the city.

Buvette | 42 Grove Street, New York, NY 10014 |

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