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Food 365 | Day 71 – 76: Catching Up

March 18, 2013

I am back and it’s time to catch up.  This has been a trying week and despite a brief hiatus from updating, I still kept on eating.

Day 71: From Italian to French.  Carbone was one popular restaurant with a non-responsive reservation line.  I have no idea how people have been able to snag a spot but good thing that Le Philosophe, another new spot in Noho/Greenwich Village, has bar seating.


Day 72: Sul Long Tang at Gahm Mi Oak.  This snowy white ox-bone soup comes with thinly sliced beef and both rice and thin noodles.  The rich soup comes plain, allowing the diners to sprinkle with scallions and to salt to their own taste.  Comfort food at its best.


Day 73: Cuties.  I love these little adorable fruits, juicy, sweet and tangy.  They might or might not have been my dinner that night.


Day 74: Warm Garbanzo Bean Salad at Aroma. I usually crave this healthy yet filling salad but some reason this time, it was slightly disappointing.  Perhaps it was because the croutons were left in there a little too long.  Despite it all, I still love the pillowy multi-grain bread at Aroma.


Day 75: Late Night Dinner and Drinks at EN Brasserie.  The delicious dinner started at the bar with the Seppun, a drink made with shiso leaf and grapefruit juice, then moved onto the Gruner Veintiner.  A little bit of dry riesling Trocken to finish the wonderful dinner of sea trout, tile fish, wagyu beef, uni and ikura.  Don’t forget the mochi sesame donut and chestnut panna cotta.


Day 76: Pain au Chocolat at Bien Cuit.  It was a cold day today and the cozy window seat a Bien Cuit is perfect for people watching in West Village early Sunday mornings.  To accompany the people watching, there is nothing like the classic, a little pain au chocolat and latte.


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  1. March 18, 2013 2.53 pm

    i was at bien cuit sunday afternoon! just missed you 🙂

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