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My Seattle Bites: Serious Biscuit

February 24, 2013

Serious Biscuit in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle is making some serious food.  It is set up as more of a casual to-go sibling of the Serious Pie restaurant on the second floor, making it a great spot for lunches or snacks.


Having only been to a handful of Tom Douglas’ restaurants and liking what I have seen so far, I happily met IH and CI for lunch there while during a recent business trip.


Serious Biscuit offers 8 types of biscuit combos as well as the option to build your own.  While I normally love to customize my own dishes whenever there is the option, the existing options here actually reflected exactly what I would have put together on my own.


The crispy hamhock with collard greens and smoked onions won  my heart with the first bite. The hamhock was incredibly moist and flavorful and the collard greens was tender and sweet.  The smoked onions acted as a great sauce to bind them all with the flaky buttermilk biscuit.



IH chose the homemade ham, eggs, Beecher’s cheddar and apple mustard.  This play on a traditional ham and egg breakfast sandwich was another home run.  Nothing was overpowering and the I loved how the tangy mustard brightened the sandwich.  The best part about the biscuits is that they are versatile for savory as well as sweet sandwiches.  CI was in the mood for something lighter and sweet. so she went with the biscuit with homemade peanut butter, banana and honey.  Something about this just reminded me of after school recess.  If our snacks were only so fancy!

I think next time, I will have to give the fennel sausage, egg and fontina a try.  Or should I have the Southern classic of fried chicken biscuit?  Even though the biscuits might have sounded heavy, they were surprisingly lighter than I had anticipated.  Maybe I should have tried more than one?

Serious Biscuit | 401 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98109 |

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