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My Seattle Bites: Revel(ing) in Brunch Creativity

February 22, 2013

I appreciate a brunch menu that shows creativity and Revel in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood has just that.  Even though I have only done brunch a handful of times in Seattle, I knew from just glancing at the menu, I could tell that we have stumbled something special.


This urban Korean comfort food restaurant blends right into the relaxed neighborhood in its one story storefront and the tucked away entrance made it even more inconspicuous.   Sunday morning was busy but not crowded with just right level of conversation in the sun-drenched dining room.


I love a good restaurant bar and the wide birch colored bar at Revel is large, bright and opened right into the kitchen.  We were literally watching everything being prepared right in front of us.  This made ordering quite tough as we were so easily swayed by a waft of this deliciousness and that.


The dishes at Revel are meant to be shared, a concept I love at new places.  It definitely makes it easier to try as many dishes as possible.




We started with the brunch with a version of monkey bread.  For every major section (eggs, fruits, noodles, etc), Revel offered two options and we went with the savory in this case.  Instead of the typical sweet treat, this monkey bread was baked with BBQ pork, pickled jalapeno and spiced maple syrup.  The portion was perfect for sharing between two people and trust me, one decadent bite and you will be glad not to need to divide it any further.  The savory and sweet combination with the heat from the jalapeno was the perfect take on the traditional char siu pork buns.



Revel’s take on the brunch classic steak and eggs was just as successful.  This was a combination of steak and eggs and Korean bibimbap.  Short ribs were marinated and seared medium rare, served with two fried eggs, chimichurri and arugula over a generous bowl of rice.  The four house sauces allow you to turn the heat and flavors to your own liking.  I took my chance with a combination of all four and loved the result.


Even though the shrimp porridge sounded pretty enticing, I was drawn to the mushroom, bacon, and kale combination just that much more.  All of the ingredients weretied together with a mild red curry over a creamy porridge.  While the bacon would have been better if cooked more for that crunch, the flavorful bowl of hearty porridge was still a hit with us.


LZ was craving ramen so an order of Revel’s kimchi ramen with pork belly was a must.  This might have been one of the only dishes not ideal for sharing.  The broth was surprisingly tamed and approachable and the pork tender and flavorful.  One downside?  Slightly overcooked noodles.  I guess not everything can be perfect.


As a parting gift on our way out of the restaurant, one more look at the delicious monkey bread, all ready to be delivered to the eager diners.  Any way to have these shipped to New York?

Revel | 403 North 36th Street, Seattle, WA 98103 |

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