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Food 365 | Day 37: FreeFoods for the Plane Ride

February 7, 2013

I am never a fan of airport food so every time I take the evening flight back to Seattle, I make a point to grab dinner before heading to the airport.  Usually I opt for a kale salad from Chop’t but recently, I have been on a FreeFoods kick so I stopped by the midtown spot to grab dinner for my ride.  This week’s selection centered on Asian flavors, healthy yet satisfying.  I filled my to-go box with Asian style ginger and red chili quinoa with tofu and shiitake mushrooms, hot house cucumber salad with spinach, onion and sage as well as a piece of Asian barbecue glazed salmon.  Now, this was a much better choice than the deli sandwiches that Delta sold on the flight!



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