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Hearty Meal at the Hummus Place

January 14, 2013

Hummus Place is not fancy restaurant and I love it for that.  Instead, it fits the role of a homey restaurant where I can always find a dependable hearty meal for those rare days when I don’t crave meat.




The trio of appetizers makes it easy to try some delicious Middle Eastern snacks.  I love their crispy falafel balls with the creamy tahini and green sauce, as well as the smokey whipped babaganush.  Even the simply roasted cauliflower gets dressed up at the Hummus Place with a spicy parsley tahini sauce.


Even though they don’t make for the prettiest pictures, the hummus plates at Hummus Place are the main attraction.  Of the four types offered, I find myself alternating between the hummus mushroom (above) and the hummus masabacha with chickpeas and spices.  The hummus is unbelievably creamy with just the right amount of tahini, making it so easy to consume with the pillowy pita bread (white or whole wheat).


Of course, you cannot have a Middle Eastern restaurant without a shakshuka.  Whether had with a bubbling piece of halumi or naked, the spicy bubbling tomato stew with two runny eggs is perfect for any cold day.

And the best part?  With a vegetable filled meal, I can always somehow convince myself that this is a light meal as I stuff myself full with a hearty meal at Hummus Place.

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