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My Barcelona Bites: Late Dinner (Finally) at Tapas 24

November 13, 2012

We needed something warm and hearty after a rather early and rainy day in Figueres and Girona.  One long nap back at the hotel later, we were finally ready to socialize with the rest of the Barcelona and partake in a late dinner.

Tapas 24 (or Tapac 24 in Catalan) is located right off of a main tourist area, a casual establishment from an El Bulli disciple.  The restaurant is a few steps down from the street level, making it just hidden from the main thoroughfare.  We arrived at 10.30PM, finally like a proper Spaniard.

We grabbed a seat at the bar of the still packed restaurant and started off with a refreshing citrus-y pitcher of cava sangaria.

Papas bravas once more!  The potatoes could have been a little more crisp but the spicy and creamy sauces were good enough to make us polish them off.

As a departure from  tomato bread, we opted for the tapa d’or, a platter of crushed tomato infused with garlic and drizzled with olive oil.

I had been eager to try an order the McFoie burger, a Tapas 24 combination of low brow fast food burger with high brow foie gras.  Unfortunately the downside of dining on the later side is the restaurant running out of popular dishes.  No worries, the Bikini Commerce 24 was a great stand-in.  Equally low brow grilled cheese with ham was brought upscale with truffles.

Tapas 24 had a great selection of non-seafood focused tapas, including a cumin spiced tender lamb skewer and a crispy sweet and sour quail pieces.  Both were addicting bar bites and I happily dug into the quail with both hands (fingers really given how dainty the quail pieces were), licking the sauces clean.

Finally, two hearty stews to round out our meal.  While the lentil stew with chorizo was mild and warming, the tender tripe stew was spicy and fiery.  They were perfect for a damp rainy day.

Just a little something sweet before we headed back to the hotel.  The three chocolate mousse quenelles, one for each of us so we didn’t have to share.  These dense and smooth mousses were finished with a flourish of sea salt and a drizzle of citrus-y olive oil, a perfect trio of flavors.  A great way to round out a fantastic meal.

Tapas 24 | Carrer de la Diputació, 269  08007  Barcelona, Spain |

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