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More Memorable Dishes at Soto

October 24, 2012

The craving for uni, whenever it hits, can only be quenched properly by a dinner at Soto.  This unmarked minimalistic Japanese restaurant is known for inventive creations featuring that delicious lobes of uni and by the third time dining there, I still have many more dishes to explore.

A cocktail of uni from California to start.  A dash of soy reduction and fresh wasabi complimented the sweet creamy uni lobes.

Miso soup at Soto gets a special touch.  Made with lobster and uni broth, the unctuous broth was refreshing with strands of fresh young ginger and specks of chives.  No tofu or seaweed here – a single tender piece of lobster was a great surprise but I could have been perfectly happy drinking just the broth.

Old favorites like the uni and yuba and steamed lobster with uni mousse were just as good as I remembered.  These are classics in my mind that will always be associated with Soto to me.

As much as I love the “classics” at Soto, exploring the rest of the menu was a must.  Uni ika kelp was a memorable addition to my repertoire.  Fresh bafun sea urchin was wrapped with shiso and squid inside white kelp.  Not the most exciting dish texture wise but the soft white kelp and the light hints of shiso made this a delicate dish to savor.

The kampachi tartare, a beautiful combination of amberjack with wasabi tobiko and pine nuts with soy foam, became an instant favorite.  Despite the lack of uni in this dish, I was addicted.  Opening the package that was carefully wrapped in white kelp, three tiers were revealed, amberjack, pine nuts and tobiko.   The wasabi tobiko added a lovely punch of both flavor and texture to the fresh amberjack.  I found myself loving the pine nuts as well whose flavor lingered on the tongue.

The minute steamed tai was as simple as can be.  Thinly sliced Japanese sea bream was slightly scorched and topped with ginger scallion oil.  Simple, yes but the classic flavors are classics for a reason.




Meals at Soto always ends with a few simple pieces of sushi.  Ikura and spotted prawn sushi were great choices and of course, you can never go wrong with a roll of negi toro.

For now, uni craving had been satisfied quite wonderfully.  Wanting an excuse to revisit soon, I secretly hope that the next craving hits sooner than later.

Soto | 357 6th Ave,  New York, NY 10011

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