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LIC Market to the Rescue

October 7, 2012

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.  You feel let down and disappointed but there nothing you can do.  Doesn’t that just frustrate you to no end?  I was in that exact spot last Saturday.  After a frustrating 2 hours waiting in the chilly windy overcast weather for the first brunch service at ever fickle M. Wells Dinette, we were given even more bad news – no brunch until noon!  At this point, all three of us adults looked at each other and made an executive decision to leave our place in line.

Of course, we would never leave without another destination close by in mind.  With a still perfectly happy baby in her stroller in tow, we headed to LIC Market.  With their very limited operating hours (dinner on weekdays and only brunch on weekends), the neighborhood spot has been on my list to try in LIC for a while.  There were three seats at the corner of the bar, perfect for the four of us.

Hungry as we were, MD ordered a chocolate croissant before we even had time to peruse the menu.  Little did we know, a plate of miniature pastries was already on its way.  Chocolate croissant, spiced carrot bread and multi grain bread, three pieces each for us three who were eating solid foods.  Perfect with a cup of coffee.

HA knew right away what she was in the mood for.  The slow roasted duck hash with fried egg was a great choice.  A saute of potatoes, bell peppers and tender pieces of moist duck was full of flavor.

MD chose the bullseyes eggs, a healthy take on fun breakfast from childhoods.  The two eggs were nestled in their own seven grain bread, atop a bed of perfectly done home fries.

I had a hard time deciding between the dirty rice frittatta and the shirred eggs.  In the end, the colder weather outside persuaded me to choose the heartier fall dish.  The baked eggs were cooked in a cast iron pot with a bed of green lentiles, roasted zucchini, chorizo and manchego cheese, filling yet still light.

Of course, sausages were necessary to make for a good brunch.  The breakfast sausages at LIC Market were made with pork and split and pan roasted for a wonderful crunchy casing.  We all agreed that these were some of the best, juicy and seasoned just right with spices.  Definitely a must order.

We left the little neighborhood spot feeling full and satiated.  I guess what started out as a frustrating morning found a way to work out for the best.  I can’t wait to return to LIC Market to try the dirty rice frittatta and their famous market BLT.  Of course, another order of the breakfast sausages as well!

LIC Market | 21-52 44th Drive  Long island city, NY 11101 |

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