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Brooklyn Brunch is Allswell

August 22, 2012

More Brooklyn establishments during the weekend for MD and I.  We went back to Williamsburg for brunch at Allswell, a “gastropub” on a quieter section of Bedford Avenue.  Instead of the typical ride from Manhattan on the L train, we approached the restaurant from the edge of where Greenpoint and Williamsburg intersected, passing by a rather large park and baseball field with enthusiasts just enjoying a game.

11 was early on a Sunday and sometimes, we like it that way.  No crowds usually makes the whole experience so much more relaxing.

We had our pick of seats in the restaurant but we made a beeline for that corner booth at the end of the bar.  This was the best seat in the house for sure, a comfortable and intimate booth style bar seating, what more can you ask for?

Someone had been there already before us, leaving behind random sections of the Sunday paper.  I pick up the Style section while MD grabbed the City section to go with our coffee and orange juice.  The whole wheat biscuit with ricotta and raw honey sounded right up our alley so we couldn’t resist.  It wasn’t as sweet as I was hoping for but that made me feel a little less guilty about a pre-brunch snack.

After all, we had to save room for the main dishes.  I had to narrow down the options and it took a lot of self-control not to go for that fried chicken sandwich.  A lot of self-control.  Instead, I chose the smoked fish over rye and scrambled eggs with Egyptian spinach and grilled radicchio.  Simple and somewhat healthy, I was pretty content with my choice until I glanced over at MD’s dish.

He chose oh so wisely that day.  The egg & cheese sandwich at Allswell kind of blew our minds.  A soft bun was toasted and smeared with a cheese spread, topped with a housemade sausage patty (add-on) and topped with a fried egg.  What made this perhaps one of the best egg & cheese sausage sandwiches?  Well, it could be the incredibly juicy flavorful patty or the farm fresh egg.  Or it could be even as simple as the bun that was the perfect canvas.

Is it crazy to think that a breakfast sandwich is enough to travel all the way to Brooklyn for brunch?  Maybe but I have always been kind of irrational when it comes to food.

Allswell | 124 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11211 |

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