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Sunday Dinner at Jeffrey’s Grocery

July 27, 2012

Last weekend ended with a late afternoon movie followed by dinner at Jeffrey’s Grocery.  Neither of us were starving so a light dinner by the bar was perfect.

We shared the Jonah crab salad with spiced peach, tarragon and smoked paprika and the steak tartare with egg sauce and spicy green beans.  The steak tartare was as good as I remembered, creamy, slightly spicy with a great bite.

And no meal at Jeffrey’s Grocery is complete for me without the lobster spaghetti for two.  So simple yet so elegant and satisfying, a pound and quarter wild lobster is served with spaghetti, tomato confit, tarragon and parmesan.  This is filling but still light so it was just want we needed that night.  We both cleaned our plates down to every bit of the sauce, reluctant to bring the weekend to a close.

Jeffrey’s Grocery | 172 Waverly Place  New York, NY 10014

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