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A Detour Leads to…

July 16, 2012

Another delicious brunch at The Dutch.

We left the apartment that Sunday with an entirely different destination in mind but while we meandered down Prince Street in SoHo, the sign for The Dutch caught my eyes.

“Have you ever been?”  I asked MD and was delighted to find out that the answer was no.  So inside The Dutch we go for a seat by one of the large windows that let in streams of summer sun to the restaurant.

A mug of Stumptown coffee for me and a glass of orange juice for MD for now.  No alcohol before noon and they certainly did obey by that rule.  Of course, since it was only a few minutes before noon, our waiter swung around without us even asking and offered up the mimosa that MD was craving.

We started the brunch with the Kierin’s pastry board.  That day’s selection included a tender moist berry-lemon muffin, their signature curry sugar donut and a delightfully savory and sweet blue cheese and currant scone.  Must remember to always get the donut, I reminded myself as I bit into the pillowy donut with its sugary crust with a wisp of curry.

MD had debated back and forth between the fried eggs, hominy and chorizo and the french toast.  But last minute, he pulled a 180 and went with the flapjacks with blueberry syrup instead.  Even after all the sweets that we had, the flapjacks still tasted pretty darn perfect with homemade blueberry sauce with whole berries.

And for me?  A skillet of The Dutch‘s famous hot fried chicken that is only available during lunch or late night please!  Each piece had a crispy crust that was dusted with Andrew Carminelli’s special spice blend.  This was my first time ordering the fried chicken so I happily devoured nearly all of the pieces with a dash of the housemade hot sauce.  Oh, and those rich honey dipped butter biscuits, now they are certainly not for anyone dieting!

Delicious as always, The Dutch did not disappoint.  Full and satiated from our unexpectedly large meal, we continued on with the regular scheduled programming of Sunday errands.  Further downtown we go!

The Dutch | 131 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012 |

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