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How to Beat the Heat Wave in the City

July 14, 2012

Given that we are all waking up to face yet another blisteringly hot and humid weekend, I figured I would share one option on how to beat the heat that I found somewhat productive.  While not all of us have the option of escaping the city to beaches and resorts, those staying put have to think of ways to entertain ourselves while staying cool.  And no, staying in an apartment with shades drawn and AC on full blast does not count.  So here is how I coped with a Saturday of heat for your learning experience.

Like any other Saturday, brunch kicks off the day.  Nothing heavy or bacon-laden for this kind of weather.   A light sandwich and a refreshing cup of iced drink is more like it.  The avocado sandwich at Aroma Espresso Bar does the trick for me.  Between thick but fluffy pieces of multi grain bread are a thin layer of avocado spread, tomatoes, sweet red onions, slices of hard boiled eggs and jalapenos.  I add in a little bit of smoked salmon for a brunch element.  Delicious, light and healthy!

Not a coffee drinker?  The mint lemonade at Aroma is a fantastic substitute.  The lemonade is blended into a flurry of icy refreshing concoction that will keep you cool in the heat.

The next best bet for activities after brunch in this heat will be to pick a movie, any movie really.  The theaters are always airconditioned to the absolute maximum and will keep you chilled for at least a good 2.5 hours or more.  Plus, a little humor via Ted never hurts.  Hopefully by the time the movie ends, it will be early evening with the temperature dropping off slightly.  This is necessary for the walk to the next stop.  Why not cool off from the walk with a cold beer and some spicy sticky wings and call it dinner?  Waffle fries – now that’s some amazing eats.

A walk by the park to work off all the 5 plates of wings, 2 orders of fries and guacamole.  From afar, I spot an ice cream cart.  This is no ordinary ice cream cart.  CoolHaus specializes in ice cream sandwiches and the best part is you get to pick and choose the cookies and the filling.  You have to eat this fast though because if you don’t, it will start to look like this sad (albeit still delicious) snickerdoodle cookie and red velvet ice cream sandwich.

There you have it, a full day of activities designed to fend off heat and entertain.  This is of course only one of many options.  Hopefully this weekend, I will discover another just as delicious way to keep myself cool and the same to all!

Aroma Espresso Bar | Numerous Locations |

CoolHaus | Numerous Locations |

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