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Table for One at Buvette

April 24, 2012

A sunny Friday morning without having to hop on the blue line uptown is rare and far in between.  In order to fully enjoy that one random Friday off in April, I started the morning with a breakfast by myself at Buvette.  The normally packed West Village little gem only had a few handful of patrons scattered inside the sun drenched space.  With this lovely change of pace and a little light jazz floating throughout, the restaurant took on a calm and tranquil personality, distinctly different from the night time Buvette.

From my seat at the bar, I watched as the bartenders churned out plates of pastries and savory dishes.  A cup of cafe au lait to sip as I wait for the rest of my breakfast.

The tartines from the menu caught my eyes and I couldn’t resist ordering a sweet bite with the coffee.  At the suggestion of the bartender, I chose the walnut cranberry bread.  Generous thick slices of homemade walnut cranberry bread were charred slightly and drizzled with honey butter.  A scattering of bee pollen topped off the tall pile of delicious toasts.  I greedily devoured the soft chewy centers soaked in the sweet honey and rich butter, leaving behind the crust.  I guess the perks of eating alone is that you get the entire thing all to yourself.

For the savory part of my breakfast, I went with something simple, scrambled oeufs.  What makes the scrambled eggs at Buvette unique was that instead of cooked over a pan, they are steamed using a milk steamer and accompanied by ribbons of paper thin prosciutto.  The resulting eggs were pillowy soft and unbelievably light.  Eaten with the crispy olive oil glazed toasts and a bit of prosciutto, this was pretty much my ideal egg dish.

Glad that I was able to soak up a little bit of quietness and calm, I did not want to leave my seat at the bar as I picked up the last morsel of this delightful breakfast.  Nevertheless, a full stomach and a beautiful day called for me to take a long walk outside and onward with a day fill with more delicious adventurous.

Buvette | 42 Grove Street, New York, NY 10014 |

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