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Weekend Brunch at Jeffrey’s Grocery

March 22, 2012

Jeffrey’s Grocery is one of my favorite places in the West Village for dinner.  I love everything about it, from the warm neighborhood feel of the space to the simple yet unique dishes to the friendly waiters/bartenders.  Given how much I rave about it, I don’t know why it took me so long to visited Jeffrey’s for brunch.  Nonetheless, I finally made it there two Sundays ago and fell in love with it even more.

It was a sunny spring morning when MD and I wandered into the still sleepy restaurant.  Only a few patrons were seated and knowing from my prior experiences, I asked for two seats at the bar, next to some regulars.

A gigantic fluffy homemade buttery biscuit to start for MD.  I couldn’t resist and stole a few bites, smeared with fresh butter and sweet tangy blueberry jam.

The brunch menu at Jeffrey’s is diverse and one dish in particular, the mushroom & cheddar toast, caught my eyes.  What can be better than sauteed mushrooms over cheddar toast and topped with poached eggs and chervil?  What the menu failed to disclose to my pleasant surprise was that the cheddar toast was in fact a deliciously crispy grilled cheese sandwich.  I did my best to take down this large bowl of cheesy gooey savory dish but ended up leaving half of the grilled cheese behind.

MD chose the sausage, egg & cheese biscuit for brunch.  The biscuit, same as the one we had just devoured with jam and butter, was smeared with a cheese sauce.  Tucked between the two cheesy layers were steamed eggs and savory pork sausage patty.  Hard to imagine but compared to my mushroom & cheddar toast, this definitely seemed smaller and lighter of the two.

And because we didn’t order enough, a little plate of bacon and roasted potatoes on the side.  This was clearly too much for the two of us but we will know better next time.  And yes, there will definitely be more sunny weekend brunches at Jeffrey’s Grocery to come in the future.

Jeffrey’s Grocery | 172 Waverly Place  New York, NY 10014

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