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Rise and Shine: Early Brunch at Tipsy Parson

February 12, 2012

So this is what Sunday morning at 10.30AM looks like.  I guess rising early has its advantages.  Namely, a table almost immediately upon walking in at a popular neighborhood brunch spot, Tipsy Parson.  

Everything seems to move at a slower pace and at a much softer volume.  After spending ample time playing the  E-Ne-Me-NeMiNeMo game with a few options on the menu, the orders are placed and nothing to do but wait and enjoy a cup of Stumptown brew with a sticky pecan bun.  The crispy caramelized edge gives way to a soft brioche center and the pecans are just, well, the cherry on top.

And the wait is definitely worthwhile.  The mushroom toast has a creamy and unbelievably airy ricotta studded with herbs and is a wonderful buffer for the potato bread and the fluffy scrambled eggs.  The sauteed wild mushrooms are flavorful enough to make one forget to ask, where’s the bacon?

The pigs in a poke might be an unfamiliar name but the flavors are certainly not.  Spicy andouille sausage and poached eggs are great toppers for some of the most toothsome corn grits.  That little bowl is definitely filling enough so don’t underestimate it.

And what is the best part about rising early?  Partaking in a leisurely brunch and still leaving the restaurant before the clock even strikes noon with a whole afternoon all to yourself for errands or anything else that piques your fancy.  When walking out, take a look around at a small crowd still waiting for their table and just think, how much more their meal could have been more enjoyable had they thought like you.

Tipsy Parson | 156 Ninth Avenue, New York, 10011 |

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