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Reinvigorating Leftovers

February 3, 2012

So what to do with leftover sashimi?  (note here:  because sashimi is sans rice and other ingredients, they do keep for at least a day in the fridge) I am faced with half a platter of salmon and tuna from last night and being my typical fickle self, I did not quite feel like repeating the exact same meal I ate just the night before.   A few ideas float in my mind but wanting to preserve the silky rawness of the fish, I decide to try my hands at transforming these into a tartar.

First I cut the fish as well as the avocado into small bite size cubes and set them aside.  Next, in a small bowl, I mix a little bit of everything – lemon juice, sesame oil, wasabi, soy sauce, Japanese chili spice, scallion and ginger.  The idea is just to create a simple dressing with 1 part acid and 1 part oil.  The rest are just there to add a little more flavor so you can use however much desired.  I toss the fish and avocado in the dressing and then wait patiently for an hour while the flavors marinate in the fridge.

I serve my tartar over a bed of mizuna greens with a few pieces of whole wheat crispbread.  The steps are quite easy and a few additional ingredients found in the pantry plus an hour or so of patience and dinner has been reinvigorated!


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